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"I am a Progressive. Together we can do better"

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After thoughtful consideration, I am announcing my candidacy to represent our 49th District in our Wisconsin State Assembly.

I am a Progressive. For my entire adult life, I have believed that we can do better. For all our amazing accomplishments, our society faces extremely serious challenges. As individuals and collectively, we must do better when things are going poorly. Similarly, there is no reason why we cannot do better even when things are going well- build on our successes and failures.

We are better together. Rugged individualism and self-responsibility are incredibly honorable attributes. It is, however, cooperation- working together, building upon one another's strengths, and mitigating one another's weaknesses that has fostered our species' greatest achievements. Government is simply a technology; together we can take responsibility and make it work for us.

We are all in this together. We have one planet, one life-supporting ecosystem; without it we have no future. Greed, inequality, racism, sexism, fear, hate, and suffering foster a vicious cycle of greed, inequality, racism, sexism, fear, hate, and suffering. We are better together.

The status quo is not sustainable. Consumerism, narcissism, depression and hopelessness, violence, poverty and suffering, ecological collapse- we face big problems. The economic and political systems have been rigged to work for the few that have rigged it. We have largely given up on government.

I am a Progressive. Together we can do better.

Candidate Jesse Bennett

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